3 Life Lessons From A Giraffe

Giraffes are gentle giants of nature. They reach heights few other creatures can, and they observe the world from up high –giving them a unique perspective on life. We think giraffes can teach a lot about happiness and wholeness in existence, so here are three life lessons inspired by the long necked wonders of the wild.

1. Reach new heights

Whether on a spiritual journey or pursuing great aspirations for your daily life, stretch yourself as far as you can in order to grasp all of your goals.

2. Celebrate your spots

Enjoy what makes you unique. Never hide the things that make you stand out from the crowd; use your particular skills, abilities, and character to distinguish yourself from the herd.

3. Stay Humble

Even while enjoying the heights, the giraffes have to often lower their head to feed from the ground. So while its great to keep your head in the clouds and take in the scenery, always remember your roots.